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General Property Tax Information

Did you know that the City of Rialto only receives 14 cents of every dollar spent on General Property taxes?

Property taxes are one of the top ten revenues for the City of Rialto. They represented approximately 11% in revenues for Fiscal Year 2002/2003.

Property taxes are paid by any and all property owners in some form. The tax payments that are due December and April of each year may have a variety of different assessments and special taxes included on them. Where the property being taxed is located will determine whether or not you will be responsible for additional assessments or special taxes. You may also see abatement charges on your bill that have been authorized by a local agency.

The General Ad Valorem Tax that all properties pay is based on the assessed valuation of the property. The tax is generally 1% of the total Assessed Value. For additional information, go to the County Website to review your actual Property Tax bill at

The following shows the Property Tax Revenue by Land Use Category for the entire City of Rialto for Fiscal Year 2003/2004:

Source: The HdL Companies 2003-2004 Property Data Report for the City of Rialto.
Category Parcels Net Taxable Value Revenue
Residential 20,701 $2,499,716,938 $4,180,687.28
Commercial 413 $244,951,528 $1,107,942.27
Industrial 308 $279,116,992 $2,638,355.13
Irrigated 7 $705,005 $5,348.88
Dry Farm 5 $3,422,606 $11,956.44
Recreational 19 $8,620,480 $17,984.37
Institutional 51 $11,346,026 $46,192.63
Government 5 $2,095,849 $7,015.98
Miscellaneous 49 $4,763,021 $32,128.53
Vacant Land 1,179 $147,765,832 $930,233.91
Exempt 575 $0 $0.00
SBE Nonunitary (109) $8,298,454 ($8,581.41)
Unsecured (1,334) $292,786,530 $2,689,981.58
Unknown 42 $772,059 $1,889.21
Totals 23,354 $3,504,361,320 $11,661,134.81

The City of Rialto's Net Taxable Assessed Value Change from Fiscal Year 2002/2003 to Fiscal Year 2003/2004 is 7.247% or $236,791,048. Note: Real estate sales and Improvements may trigger a change in the Assessed Value and result in higher property taxes.

If you have any questions regarding your property tax bill you can click on the following for addition information: San Bernardino County Tax Collector

If you have any questions regarding any specific charges on your tax bill please call the phone number that is associated with that charge on your tax bill.

Last Updated: 12/5/2004
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