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The Rialto Redevelopment Agency has closed its doors on February 1, 2012, along with all other redevelopment agencies in the State of California.  The elimination of the Rialto Redevelopment Agency will mean the end to the City’s most powerful economic development tool, as well as the death to several major infrastructure and affordable housing projects and programs.  The termination of the Agency will also result in the demise of many existing loan and grant programs that helped develop, revitalize and improve residential properties in the City. 

The Rialto Housing Authority will assume the role of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency and will oversee the future operations of the Housing Division and the completion of several existing affordable housing projects.  Although many legislators have indicated support for new legislation to continue some of the basic goals of redevelopment, such as affordable housing, infrastructure and job creation, it is unlikely that the Legislature will approve any such legislation.

For more information on the dissolution of the Agency, the Rialto Housing Authority and any housing projects and programs, please contact John Dutrey at (909) 879-1151.






Last Updated: 2/1/2012
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